Meet the Kids

These are just a few of the children who learn at the Akpe Cultural Center


Anthonia is 6 years old. She loves coming to Akpe to eat and to learn new dances with her friends.


Elizabeth is 8 years old. Prior to coming to the Akpe Cultural Center, Elizabeth had never learned the local dances. Since she’s been coming to Akpe, Elizabeth has worked hard to learn new dances with her friends.


Alex is 5 years old and loves to play the drums and dance. He has been coming to the center for a few months now and has captured everyone’s heart.


Delali is 4 years old and loves to be told stories. She also enjoys playing with her new friends and the staff at the Akpe Cultural Center. She says that she really enjoys the lunches, too!


Bernica is 8 years old. Everyone loves to hear her sing out with such joy. She is a bright member of the Akpe Cultural Center community!

Support the Kids

Donate Now

It costs approximately $50 per month to teach and feed one child at the Akpe Cultural Center. That covers staff salaries, food, utilities, and supplies.

We and these kids will be so grateful for whatever you can do, either monthly or one time. The more supporters we have, the more kids we can serve.

The Akpe Cultural Center supports free children's programs and receives donations through our fiscal sponsor, Boulder County Arts Alliance (BCAA). Contributions made through BCAA are tax deductible in accordance with U.S. tax law.

The fund has no paid employees and is overseen by a volunteer board of directors who do most of the fund's work themselves and personally cover its modest expenses. Consequently, virtually all of your donation will be received by the Akpe Cultural Center. Annual IRS returns and other documentation are available for inspection on request; please contact us if you'd like to see them.